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Na Prodaju/For Sale – Honda Civic Type R Super Production

Price: 32.000 EUR
Factory Date: 2004.
Telephone: 00381637766616
City: Belgrade
Country: Serbia


Built by JAS Motorsport (Italy) in 2004; car color red, in-side dark silver; weight 1020 kg without driver.

Engine build new 2007:

-K20A, tuned by FIA Super Production rules
-archieved 187,1kw (242,4Bhp) at 7910 rpm, 244Nm at 6050Nm with 100,2 racing fuel (graph available).
-compression ratio 11/1, non-vtec camshafts (10mm valvelift), 1998cc (86×86), lightened crankshaft, H-beam conrods, forged pistons with 2 piston rings, 64 mm throtllebody, JAS carbon airbox with 80 mm restrictor, 4-2-1 exhaust system (max 100db), 24 row oil-cooler etc.


-dog engaged 5-speed standing start gearbox (ratios: 2.13 – 1.61- 1.25 – 1.0 – 0.85)
-JAS Motorsport LSD, 5.4 final drive, flywheel (min weight 5,0kg) Sachs racing clutch, Brembo front brakes 295x28mm,

Wiring & electrics:

-Milliatry spec chassis loom, 2004 spec engine loom with motorsport sensors etc.-EFI Euro-6 open software ECU (FIA accepted for WTCC) for NTK wideband lambda. Supports Stack data analyse software, power shift, launch control (non activated). Pre-designed option for Magnetti Marelli dash board.-Motec ADL8 dashboard with proffesional data- and damper analyse system, including warm-up, practice, race menus, shows running gearratio, laptime, predictive laptime on display, 8 MB memory, alarm- and shiftlight,
-oil, fuel pressure sensors
-temp sensors: cockpit-, air-, water-, oil temperature etc.
-4x wheelspeed sensors, 4x suspension sensors (200HZ)
-steering wheel sensor, 3-ways g-force sensor, beacon , 2 generation beacon receiver, throttle position read, lambda read, MAP sensor read etc.


-JAS steam welded chassis with ChrMo2 rollcage, Penske 3-way adjustable suspension, all rubber – unibals, adjustable antirollbars; 50 litres ATL underfloor fueltank with 2-quick fillers, OMP seat, OMP 6 point seatbelts, steering wheel with quick release, Fedoro brakepads, Brembo front brakes discs 295x 28mm, rear brake pressure control, carbon brakecooling ducts, 7“x15“forged wheels, 3-point AP Racing airjacks, electrical windows, hand held fire exhtinguisher, carbon floor, door panels etc.


-spare 5 speed dog engaged gearbox with 5.8 FD
-fuel filling system
-8 pcs. of 7”x15” forged race wheels

2010, 2011 ETCC Champion and 2012 Vice champion; 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 National champion;
Car completely repaired (shock absorbers and the new engine has arrived from Artman racing a few months ago).

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